Matt McCartin

Matt is currently a law enforcement professional closing in on his 25th year of service that has spanned from the N.Y.P.D. to Nassau County PD.  During this time, he has served in multiple capacities and is currently assigned to the Problem Oriented Policing Unit which deals with chronic community problems.  Matt is also active in the schools where he works.  He conducts lectures on lockouts, lock downs and active shooter drills and reviews the school's current building safety procedures.  Being an occasional guest speaker at Suffolk County Community College, Matt gives insight to students in the Criminal Justice degree program.  He is able to speak on the variations of both police departments and give invaluable knowledge gained from his experiences during his career. 

Matt works with Derek Jeter's Turn2 Foundation.  Over the years, he has served not only security for Derek Jeter but for the Foundation itself.  Matt serves as a guest speaker on occasion, during the Jeter's Leaders Conferences and the workshop discussions, taking questions and hearing the concerns from these young adults regarding some of the issues that are reported in the media between the police and the community. 

As a young law enforcement professional in late 1999, Matt developed All Resource Consultants,LLC, after receiving requests for his security services by some high profile celebrities and executives in the medical field.  During the last 17 yrs, Matt has had the opportunity to travel with his clients throughout the United States as their security, protecting their lives, property and events.  In November 2015, Matt joined Phil Brady and Mike Schmitt in Upfront Security Associates LLC.  Upfront Security Associates LLC. is a full service security company offering uniform and non-uniform guard protection. security assessments for buildings and other locations, armored car service, executive protection, background investigation, private investigation and surveillance.  This Partnership has a well rounded wealth of knowledge with over 80 years of combined experience.  We guarantees our clients the best possible service, which is our primary goal.